Build your future with ProperSix- The Prestige Network

Our aim and vision are that by connecting clients, members and business associates trough the ProperSix network, we will assist people in reaching their goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations. By sharing experiences and knowledge within the network we will create a network community that aspire to develop members personal goals and business visions. Through interaction, communication, help and support all members will play a part in the expansion of ProperSix´s unique global network.

ProperSix exclusive club members will benefit from the offer of a personal business advisor, who will see to each and every one of our client’s personal requirements and circumstances.

The creators and owners of the ProperSix network are extremely passionate and proud of our product and we strive to constantly improve to make sure you, our clients, receive the most secure, up-to-date products and services available on the market. We want to build your success here with us at ProperSix.

The ProperSix prestige membership club; A club for those who appreciate the finer things in life!

A membership will grant you access to a wide range of exclusive activities, premium products at a reduced price and an opportunity to purchase ProperSix´s own select champagne and cigars.

ProperSix casino is an exceptional, completely decentralised casino using the latest Blockchain technology where our clients play using our own PRO6-token or FIAT. ProperSix will also offer a VISA or MasterCard linked to clients online gaming account.

Our clients will sign in to their account by using bank-ID or face-recognition to name a few of our highly secure login options. ProperSix casino will be fully licensed through Malta gaming jurisdiction and Malta E-Money institution license to comply with todays requirements of the Malta Financial Service Authorities (MFSA).

ProperSix casino will deliver new, fun and secure products, totally unique in todays market! (18 years applies to all products and services offered through ProperSix).

ProperSix will ensure all our products are based on the most advanced blockchain technology. This will allow all transactions made throughout the ProperSix network to generate value back into the network and our Pro6 token.

Are you ready for a journey of a lifetime? - Come join us at ProperSix!