Build your future with us at Proper Six – The Prestige Network

We want to help members of our network to develop their idea and achieve their professional goals at all levels. We will achieve this by building knowledge based on members individual needs and conditions in our Network.

Our goal is not just to deliver the necessary in our Network. We want to exchange knowledge and inspire people and companies to take action and help them all the way with advices and investments. This gives us the opportunity to jointly build a unique global Prestige network.

We respect all human beings. We use people´s different knowledges and abilities to build their success by using Proper Six Network. We will work close to our customers and meet each person and matters individually.

We love what we do and are proud of our ability and willingness to give our customers better, safer and new unique products and services in the market. We are 100% committed to create better products and services. In our work, we want to build our customers success here on Proper Six Network

Proper Six Prestige Club is for those who just settle for the best. The Club will give you access to a wide range of exclusive activities, big events, parties and beneficial prices at premium products from luxury brands, hotels etc. It will also give you access to our own totally unique and exclusive products, such as premium champagne, cigars and other unique products that you can only get here in Proper Six Club.

We are building the world´s first decentralized gaming platform on blockchain technology. This will make it possible for you to pay with all kinds of currencies such as both FIAT and crypto currencies, Visa and MasterCard will be connected to the account. We will offer our costumers a simple and secure login by BankID, Face ID and other secure solutions. The Casino will have a fully approved Malta Gaming License and Malta E-Money Institution License to comply with today’s requirements of the MFSA. We will deliver fun, secure products which is totally unique on the market today. Of course, 18 years applies to all our services and products.

All our products are going to be build on the Blockchain technology. The Blockchain technology will ensure that everything we do, all fees and services will be verified and generate value to the Network and our Pro6 Token. The Blockchain technology will give our customers new technology, unique products and the best security in the market. We want it to be a fun journey so come and join us at Proper Six

Join our prestige network and take advantage of the benefits in the Proper Six Network